Technology Fashion Industry

technology fashion industry

    fashion industry
  • apparel industry: makers and sellers of fashionable clothing

  • Fashion, a general term for the style and custom prevalent at a given time, in its most common usage refers to costume or clothing style.

  • A conspiratorial organization that is hell bent on forcing women of size to wear frumpy clothing, and to promote anorexia by utilizing uber-skinny models.

  • The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, esp. in industry

  • the practical application of science to commerce or industry

  • (technological) based in scientific and industrial progress; "a technological civilization"

  • engineering: the discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems; "he had trouble deciding which branch of engineering to study"

  • Machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge

  • The branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences

technology fashion industry - Cooklin's Garment

Cooklin's Garment Technology for Fashion Designers

Cooklin's Garment Technology for Fashion Designers

Build the knowledge and understanding of garment technology essential to any designer

In today's competitive fashion industry, it is essential that designers have a working understanding of garment technology. This 2nd edition has been comprehensively updated, with in-depth information on stitches, guides and attachments and sewing techniques, all of which are fully illustrated. There are enhanced chapters on machine and equipment technology explaining the uses, features and limitations of garment manufacturing equipment, enabling designers to create products that can be manufactured efficiently and with a high degree of quality.

• Approached from the fashion designer's mindset, this book features illustrations to help users build their knowledge and understanding
• Blends theoretical and practical material
• Updated with the latest and most modern advances in clothing technology
• Illustrated throughout to help shape the reader’s knowledge and understanding of garment technology

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Fashion show in new search engine meets each other

Fashion show in new search engine meets each other

on May 6'th Meta Mart and Rose Stardust we had a very special event, first time in SL history, we merged 2 industries to give more value to people: we merged Fashion show and Meta Mart HUD search engine.

People were able to watch models show the gowns, and at the same time purchase the ones they liked using Meta Mart HUD

The event was so great

Technology within NATURE !!

Technology within NATURE !!

Technology invades this beautiful sunset !! See the Airplane in the sunset !! john hoellerich photo. fotogjohnh! no special effects on this photo !!

technology fashion industry

technology fashion industry

Textile Futures: Fashion, Design and Technology

Textiles connect a variety of practices and traditions, ranging from the refined couture garments of Parisian fashion to the high-tech filaments strong enough to hoist a satellite into space. High-performance fabrics are being reconceived as immersive webs, structural networks and information exchanges, and their ability to interface with technology is changing how the human body is experienced and how the urban environment is built. Today, textiles reveal their capacity to transform our world more than any other material.

Textile Futures highlights recent works from key practitioners and examines the changing role of textiles. Recent developments present new technical possibilities that are beginning to redefine textiles as a uniquely multidisciplinary field of innovation and research. This book is an important tool for any textile practitioner, fashion designer, architect, interior designer or student designer interested in following new developments in the field of textiles, seeking new sustainable sources, or just eager to discover new works that reveal the potency of textiles as an ultramaterial.

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